A Good-bye

Read it and you'll love it! 🙂


Why do we always Trust the wrong ones and hate the right ones?

Tiny Tales

I have had heard of many cute little love stories. Not every story is perfect. Not every story has a perfect start. Some stories have beautiful endings, some never ends, some never starts! Here are three tiny tales I am presenting before you which I felt worth sharing! They Love each other. But afraid to... Continue Reading →

How did HE die?

Hello! It’s been long time since I have written something! So, here you go with a post that will leave a question in your mind. Frankly, even I don’t know the answer! Maybe, someone among you guys can explain me about this. The story or rather my experience goes like this…   November, 2015 It... Continue Reading →


While Calculating their differences, Chemistry interrupted their Hearts... Physically apart, Love connected their Paths! ❤ TanviPatil

Kingdom of Dreams

She is a cheerful lady, everyone thought. The innocent smile had a power of demolishing all the worries of the World. The sparkling eyes would light up anyone’s Life. Everybody wished a Life like Her. But that pretty little soul was hiding a deep secret of her Life, a Life which no one will dream... Continue Reading →

The Broken Trust!

Once Cheerful, Those Eyes now have tears! Once Confident, That Heart is full of fears! Once an open book, Life is now impenetrable! That Broken Trust Made her Miserable! TanviPatil

Lessons from Nature!

Those Trees hunting heavens… Those Birds hovering high… Preaches to never halt And continually fly! The Sun Brightening the Atmosphere… The Moon Guiding the Biosphere… Conveys to Comfort Others And Aid the Eco-sphere! The Mountains standing still, Imparts to stay firm! The wind that blows, Instills us to flow! Nature indeed teaches us beautiful lessons... Continue Reading →

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