Why do we always Trust the wrong ones and hate the right ones?


Pages from her Diary: Part 07

Epilogue ❤


Why always a Woman? Why?

Pages from her Diary: Part 06

Part 06- The Consequences

Pages from her Diary: Part 05

Part 05 Is Naina in Love?

Pages from her Diary: Part 04

#PagesfromherDiary part 04 is here. Keep Reading! ❤

Pages from her Diary: Part 03

'Focus!', her mind yelled at her stupid heart. Naina always wanted her life partner to be intelligent, smart, handsome, of course, but at the same time a guy who is of down to earth nature and the one who respects her! The Perfect one! *if only he exists*              ... Continue Reading →

I wish Life could have been Easy!

Life is moving. Time is moving. And I am standing still! Confused, worried about nothing Yet, Everything! Dreams and Responsibilities, Unable to trust my abilities. Heart says- Dreams When Mind yells- Duties! The decision is tough. Result, Unpredictable! I wish Life could have been Easy! -Tanvi Patil Sometimes, it's hard to decide what is more... Continue Reading →


No matter how your last night was, new day brings new opportunities, grab them, put a smile and Go, just Win the World! Dreams shattered. Heart broke. Diligence laughed. But, hopes stayed. Trust made it's way. And she was ready. Yet again, To face the World. To prove her Existence. To chase her Dreams! ❤... Continue Reading →

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