Arrange Marriage or Love Marriage?


A Good-bye

Read it and you'll love it! 🙂

Pages from her Diary: Part 07

Epilogue ❤

Pages from her Diary: Part 06

Part 06- The Consequences

Pages from her Diary: Part 05

Part 05 Is Naina in Love?

Pages from her Diary: Part 04

#PagesfromherDiary part 04 is here. Keep Reading! ❤

Pages from her Diary: Part 03

'Focus!', her mind yelled at her stupid heart. Naina always wanted her life partner to be intelligent, smart, handsome, of course, but at the same time a guy who is of down to earth nature and the one who respects her! The Perfect one! *if only he exists*              ... Continue Reading →

Pages from her Diary: Part 02

​4th July, 2010 It was an ordinary day for everyone but a special day for Naina. 'Today is the day I'm officially going to start my journey towards my dream. Miss. Naina, better be ready now. No looking back. No Excuses. Study and achieve your goal.' She ordered herself. Naina always wanted to become an... Continue Reading →

Pages from her Diary: Part 01

"Don't you believe in Love, Naina?" Sara's stupid question made her go crazy. Weird was the word for her. She was an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. For her A was for Ambitions, B for books, C for Career and D for Dreams. She did believe in Love but her Mind always ruled her Heart.... Continue Reading →

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