All I see is a Nightmare!




A Good-bye

Read it and you'll love it! 🙂


It's sad How the World has Changed!


Why always a Woman? Why?

Pages from her Diary: Part 05

Part 05 Is Naina in Love?


Because Every ordinary thing has an extraordinary quality.

Women’s Day Special

First of all, to all the Pretty Ladies out there, Happy International Women's Day! 🙂 Woman: An Angel sent from Heaven to bring the charisma into this Beautiful World. I know I know I am overly exaggerating the term but we deserve this. Come on, at-least for today. 😛 Anyway, Women is a blessing in... Continue Reading →

I wish Life could have been Easy!

Life is moving. Time is moving. And I am standing still! Confused, worried about nothing Yet, Everything! Dreams and Responsibilities, Unable to trust my abilities. Heart says- Dreams When Mind yells- Duties! The decision is tough. Result, Unpredictable! I wish Life could have been Easy! -Tanvi Patil Sometimes, it's hard to decide what is more... Continue Reading →

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