A Good-bye

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She is not Perfect!

Pages from her Diary: Part 07

Epilogue ❤


Why always a Woman? Why?

Women’s Day Special

First of all, to all the Pretty Ladies out there, Happy International Women's Day! 🙂 Woman: An Angel sent from Heaven to bring the charisma into this Beautiful World. I know I know I am overly exaggerating the term but we deserve this. Come on, at-least for today. 😛 Anyway, Women is a blessing in... Continue Reading →

I wish Life could have been Easy!

Life is moving. Time is moving. And I am standing still! Confused, worried about nothing Yet, Everything! Dreams and Responsibilities, Unable to trust my abilities. Heart says- Dreams When Mind yells- Duties! The decision is tough. Result, Unpredictable! I wish Life could have been Easy! -Tanvi Patil Sometimes, it's hard to decide what is more... Continue Reading →

Women’s Safety, seriously?

​ Hello everyone! I would directly come to point. So, from last few days, many of us are talking about Rape, Molestation, Eve-Teasing, etc. I really appreciate how some boys/Men are taking initiative and writing posts/making Videos, sending their apologies to Women around the World. I would like to thank all of them for their... Continue Reading →

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