A Good-bye

I am standing in front of cupboard full of dresses,

And the breeze is playing with my tresses.

I finally choose a Pink color Kurti,

And a lipstick that makes me look Pretty!

For the breakfast we have cupcakes

That mumma loves to bake!

She is trying to make me feel Special,

Because today, her darling Princess is ready to build her Castle!

Daddy’s face has a Smile,

That takes bad vibes away a mile.

With her studies, little Sister is busy,

Ahh! Student life ain’t so easy!

Confidence and Faith by my side,

I leave the home, waving a Good-bye!

Our good days are on the way, I think,

Fill with Happiness and Joy!

I’m sitting in an Auto,

And a Stranger comes from nowhere.

I don’t know what is his motto

Why is he taking auto elsewhere?

In a place which isn’t familiar,

He tells me to get down.

I’m crying and screaming,

But no one, other than us, can hear me shout!

He is snatching my Dupatta,

Throwing it on ground.

I can sense no one around,

Now it’s time for me to save my Crown!

With all the force I have,

I kick the man between his thighs,

And a sense of relief I feel,

When I hear him cry!

I run until I feel safe,

I hear my heart beating faster,

And I thank myself,

For saving Me from that Bastard!

Confidence and Faith were indeed by my side,

To the fear of mine, I say a Good-bye!

In the Country full of people so Hungry,

I pledge to save myself instead of waiting and feeling melancholy!


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