Pages from her Diary: Part 07


Naina is an IT Engineer working in a Multi-National Company.

She is also a part time photographer. Photography is just a hobby to stay connected with nature.

Present Day:

Naina is busy writing algorithms when she gets an e-mail. It read ‘Abeer Sharma‘.

‘Abeer! I hope he is doing well. Ahh! I can’t even describe how I’m feeling right now after reading your name. I wish I could tell you how desperately I’m waiting just to be with you.’ She was excited.

She opened the mail.

“Hey Naina,

How are you? I got to know that you’re working in a MNC as software Engineer. Kudos to you for achieving your goal! I hope you’re doing great there.

I have almost done with my MBBS. I am on the verge of fulfilling my dream. Five years back when I entered into Medical, I knew it was because of my hard-work and your wishes. I don’t know the reason why you left me, I won’t even ask you. I trust you and I know whatever you did back than was for our dreams.

Naina, today I wanna confess this in front of you because I can’t resist my feelings for you anymore. I understand it’s too late to ask but better late than never!

Back than I had two responsibilities. One- to fulfill MY dream. Two- to fulfill OUR Dream. First one is done, time for second one now!

So, Miss. Naina,

This future Cardiologist needs someone who can fix his heart. And, he knows that nobody other than you can do it. Will you be my Cardiologist?

*My heart is still chanting your name*

Yours and only yours,


Naina is shocked, excited, happy, sad, all at the same time.

She was waiting for this moment. She never thought Abeer’s feelings won’t change for her. Time, Distance, nothing could change their feelings for each other.

“YES, Doc! ❤ “, she replied.

“Sara, Love always finds out its way. My Love is back. Yayy!! Meet me up today. We are going for a coffee date.”

And poor Sara had no idea about what her Best friend was talking!


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