I’m judged when I’m Fat.

I’m judged when I’m Thin.

I’m judged when I’m Black.

I’m judged when I have a Fair skin.

I’m judged when I wear a Saree.

I’m judged even after wearing a Bikini.

I’m judged when accidentally my Bra straps are visible.

I’m judged when I wear dresses sized Mini.

I’m judged when I Talk to Strangers.

I’m judged when I come home Late Night.

I’m judged when I Speak a lot.

I’m judged even when I keep Quiet.

They say I’m a Woman

I need to stay in my Limits.

Even after a Man’s fault,

I have no right to ask ‘Why me?’

©Tanvi Sunil Patil


3 thoughts on “Why?

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  1. Well expressed! That’s what happens in a stereotypical environment. To lift the status of women, we all need to learn to respect them instead of “Judging” them. A powerful message…

    We have started living in a world where something is missing. What is the remedy? Find out more in my poem “A Golden Heart” to reveal the superficiality of our lives at
    Hope you will like it 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a comment as it’s very valuable 🙂

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